Titanium Rising About Us

About Us

Our Mission is to continue to empower survivors of domestic violence.

Titanium Rising picks up where other agencies leave off in serving domestic violence survivors.  The needs continue for these family units long after family separation and safety have been arranged. Practical assistance with finances, employment, and education continue for years.  Supporting children for healthy and productive futures is a major need addressed by our organization.

We will reach our objectives through a variety of programs and media.

  • Our website will educate survivors on possible mental and physical damage done and its ongoing nature and encourage families to address health issues.
  • We will educate, assist, and continue to improve the lives of domestic violence survivors by connecting them with local community resources.
  • Through a women’s mentorship, we will connect women survivors to volunteers within local churches, who will provide spiritual encouragement and help de-isolate her.
  • Our largest program will involve matching children with business mentors, to nourish and encourage full empowerment and long-term potential.

One main goal is to reduce the statistics of re-victimization.  A study showed the lack of continued community support led women to retrieve back to victimization.1

Our Vision includes becoming the ‘go to’ resource for healthy family units post domestic violence, operating in the five counties of the greater Fox Valley region (Kane, Will, Kendall, DuPage and McHenry counties). Our operations will be home-based among staff and volunteers and our clients will be referred to us by other agencies. We will be the networking hub for empowering our clients and our work will reduce re-victimization of our clients.

Please join us as we work to eliminate re-victimization by sharing your gifts through the variety of ways we have available. Your donation will greatly impact many lives, including your own.

1 https://www.dvevidenceproject.org/private-access/research-articles/re-victimization-of-battered-women/